This graduation project focuses on HCI in the context of music production. Research reveals the need for meaningful physical control of the digital music environment and the ability to create personalized experiences. While the current market attempts to address this trend, there is a discrepancy between the generic nature of available controllers, which are usable in various contexts but offer limited valuable feedback due to generic interaction elements, and the unique experiences and creative distinction sought by musicians.

Mu:SYS provides a solution by allowing users to build their own unique “instruments” without requiring knowledge of electronics and programming. It enables users to realize their ideas for interactive music systems, ranging from installations to musical instruments, and explore their creative possibilities. The development of these ideas, as well as the obstacles encountered in realizing them, were determined through extensive user research. This led tot the development of a framework that describes the different phases of the proces, each of which Mu:SYS will support.

The solution is expressed through two subsystems.

On the Mu:SYS web platform, users go through the entire realization process of an interactive music system. Each phase, from generating ideas to implementing them and performing an initial verification of the musical possibilities, is supported in a visual and accessible manner. Additionally, the platform hosts an open-source community of users who share their realized systems, creating a valuable resource and source of inspiration for both new and advanced users.

The physical construction of the virtually simulated system is accomplished using Mu:SYS hardware. With full compatibility with an existing ecosystem of interaction elements, Mu:SYS builds upon existing open-source resources, ensuring seamless connectivity and enabling the creation of endless unique systems. It allows users to effortlessly realize a high-quality and integrated interactive music system, providing functionality that enables integration into various contexts of use and facilitates unique musical applications.

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